NOKIA 諾基亞品牌的重要聲明

Signeo Design International Limited及E-GOGO Holdings Limited
是 Nokia 諾基亞在香港唯一的授權總代理


近日本公司接獲不少消費者反應,在網路上及不同商店購買到價格低廉、品質粗糙的Nokia 耳機產品。







Nokia的產品堅持嚴格的品質把關提供最佳的售後服務,若您購買的Nokia產品沒有本公司 (E-GOGO / SIGNEO) 的保養貼紙,





Nokia Declaration

This is to certify that Signeo Design International Limited and E-GOGO Holdings Limited is the only Official Authorized Distributor of Nokia in Hong Kong.

In order to protect the consumer rights, we hereby declare to remind consumers:

  • Our company received feedbacks from consumers recently regarding there are some cheap and poor quality Nokia earphones selling from online stores as well as physical stores in Hong Kong.
  • Please recognize our company’s warranty stickers which stand for official authorized Nokia products in order to protect your own consumer rights, and to avoid being deceived.
  • The Nokia products insist in the high quality control of products in order to offer the best after-sales service for consumers, please recognize our company’s warranty stickers to confirm you have bought the authentic and official Nokia products and to enjoy the high quality warranty service.
  • There is no after-sale service or warranty for consumers purchasing the Nokia products without our company’s warranty stickers.

Nokia Authorized products vs Parallel Import (Grey import) Nokia products

Recently, there are many Nokia earphones selling on different channels, but those are not Nokia official authorized products.

Nokia’s products insist in the high quality control of products in order to offer the best after-sales service. If your Nokia products do not have our company’s (E-GOGO / SIGNEO) warranty stickers, our company will not be able to offer any after-sales service to you, please recognize the Nokia official authorized products.

Official Authorized Nokia warranty sticker

Nokia Authorized Distributor’s sticker as below, please recognize the below warranty sticker to make sure the official Nokia products:

Sample of warranty stickers (for reference only)