保養條款 Warranty Policy

  • NAKAMICHI 及 NOKIA 產品提供12 個月保養。
  • NAKAMICHI SOUNDBAR 提供18 個月無缺陷保養。
  • 其他產品的保養事宜,請依據保修卡資料聯絡總代理安排保養。
  • 在原保養期屆滿前30天通過本網站進行註冊,可享額外3個月的保養延長,請即註冊。
  1. 保修範圍從您購買產品之日開始計算。請保留正本銷售發票或收據,及保修貼紙(如圖),保養條款方能生效。
  1. 如產品在保養期內發生功能性的問題,請WHATSAPP 聯絡客戶服務部: +852 9200 2064
  1. 如產品需要退回檢查或維修,本公司會提供保修編號。
  1. 產品可利用速遞寄回本公司,或請於指定辦公時間內自攜到本公司及於修妥後取回產品。本公司不設上門維修服務。收到貨後維修部會安排查貨,需時大約2-4 星期,如確認產品有問題,本公司會安排更換或維修服務。
  1. 《保修編號》必需填在速遞寄單上,如寄單沒有填上編號而導致客人的貨品遺失,本公司概不承擔任何責任。
  1. 如以陳列品出售的貨品,並在「貨品介紹」中列明「此商品不可退貨」的貨品均不可退貨或退款。「有限制退貨」請留意個別商品的可退貨有效期限。
  1. 保用範圍不包括損耗品、配件、電池漏液、發霉及外殼或顯示器爆裂。所有更換之零件均屬本公司擁有。
  1. 在下列情況下本保養條款將自動失效,本公司有權拒絕維修該產品:
  • 產品曾用於工業或商業用途
  • 產品曾被非本公司維修人員拆開、修理、更換、改裝或修理。
  • 未有按照安裝或使用說明書之指引而引致之任何損壞
  • 產品曾被錯誤操作、不小心使用、濫用、疏忽使用、人為而引致損壞。因不正常電壓而損壞、意外、火災、水災、昆蟲、天然災害或其他原因非本公司控制之下而引致損壞。
  • 產品曾因震盪及碰撞、受沙或液體引致損壞
  • 產品上的產品編號或規格貼紙被刪改
  • 不可抗力而造成的損壞。
  1. 保養維修服務只限於香港地區內有效。
  1. 若有任何不明確、爭議之處,本公司保留最終解釋及決定之權利。
  1. 本公司有權自行更改此保養條款而不作另行通知。
  1. 本公司網站或發票上顯示的保養條款僅供客人參考,行貨產品的保養細節以廠方公佈的資料為準。本公司會致力確保所提供信息的準確性和最新性,保留隨時修改內容的權利,恕不另行通知。但對一切因資料出錯而造成的損失概不負責。
  1. 本公司不會為產品所引致任何間接或相應的損失、利潤的損失或資料的流失負責。
  1. 以上中文譯本與英文原本之文意有歧異時,應以英文為準。

  • NAKAMICHI and NOKIA product is warranted for Twelve (12) months.
  • NAKAMICHI SOUNDBAR is warranted for Eighteen (18) months.
  • For other products, the warranty period depends on each vendor’s product. Please reference to corresponding vendor warranty terms.
  • Enjoy an extra 3-months warranty and register here 30 days before the warranty is expired.
  1. Warranty coverage commences from the date you purchased the Product. Please retain your sales or delivery receipt AND warranty card or label.
  1. Any functional problems within the warranty period, please contact the customer service department by WHATSAPP: 92002064
  1. If the product needs to be returned for checking or/and repair, the company will provide a warranty number (RMA number).
  1. The product can be sent back to our company by courier or by hand to our company during office hours and collect it thereafter. The company does not provide on-site services. After the company receives the product, the maintenance department will arrange the inspection, which will take about 1-2 weeks. If there is a problem, the company will arrange a replacement service.
  1. RMA Number must be filled in on the courier’s delivery note. The Company shall not be responsible or liable for any loss if client did not fill out RMA number in order to missing product.
  1. Product sold as display items and listed as “Non-returnable for this item" in the Product Description cannot be returned or refunded.
  1. The warranty does not include consumables, accessories, battery leakage, mold and shell or display burst. Any defected parts, which have been replaced, shall become the Company’s property.
  1. The warranty does not cover under the following circumstances. The Company reserves the right to refuse the warranty service:
  • Products that had been used for industrial or commercial purpose.
  • Products that had been modified or repaired by person(s) other than service facility anthorized by our Company.
  • Damages due to not following the instruction in the installation or user manual.
  • The product has been damaged due to misuse, abuse, negligence, physical damage, abnormal voltage supply/power interruption, accident, fire, flood, insect, natural calamities, or other events beyond the Company control.
  • Damages caused by sand, liquid, natural disaster or accident.
  • If the model number, item code or warranty label attached with the product has been erased or modified.
  • Damage(s) was caused by force mature.
  1. Warranty service is only valid in Hong Kong SAR.
  1. In the event of any uncertainty or dispute, the Company has the sole and final decision and discretion of interpretation of the warranty terms and conditions hereunder.
  1. The Company reserves the right to unilaterally change the warranty terms and conditions from time to time without notice.
  1. The terms displayed on the company’s website or invoices are for reference only. The warranty details of licensed products are subject to the information published by the manufacturer. The company will make every effort to ensure that the information provided is accurate and up to date, reserving the right to modify the content at any time and without notice. The Company accepts no liability in the event of error or omission with regards to the contents.
  1. The company shall not be responsible for any indirect or consequential loss, loss of profit or loss of data caused by the product.
  1. In case of discrepancy between the English and Chinese version of these warranty terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.